The Park River Watershed / 319 Program

The Walsh County Three Rivers Soil Conservation District has several ongoing projects in conjunction with other public and private entities.

The Walsh County Homme Dam Watershed Project

The Goals:

  • Reduce Phosphorus loading by 40% into Homme Dam to improve water quality.
  • Increase Riparian area function on all branches of the Park River

The Walsh County No-Till Project

Project Summary:

The Walsh County No-Till Committee is encouraging sugar beet producers in the Park River Watershed to utilize regenerative agricultural practices to improve and maintain land resources. Dust storms are a common occurrence in our fine soils and as a results, the productivity of our soil resources face an uncertain future. In 2014, North Dakota State University found that over 50% of topsoil has been lost since 1960 in areas of Walsh County. The Walsh County No-Till Committee which formed in 2019, emphasizes the urgent need to show how no-till and strip-till practices can be used to produce crops, including sugar beets, in a way that is more sustainable than the current conventional tillage practices being utilized by producers. We feel that demonstration of no-till/strip-till is necessary due to that fact that Walsh County has very few producers who use these practices. Many hold the belief that these practices cannot work here and that the soil must be tilled to produce crops, especially sugar beets.

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