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Goji berries grow in North Dakota down to zone 3. We are pleased to offer them for sale!
Friends enjoyed picking Goji berries last year in Grafton and Wahpeton. Photo by: Kreiger’s Nursery.

Welcome to the Spring Catalog for 2022. Enjoy a large selection of trees, shrubs, vines, and perennial flowers.

Free planting expertise is just a phone call away!

Please click the file below to download the catalog. You’ll notice we’ve changed the format. Tell us what you think!

For best results, please print the form, or call in your order and we will send you a confirmation.


You are also welcome to email your questions to

Trees are on order from the nurseries and they are behind schedule on digging trees. We apologize for mother nature. There’s going to be plenty of time for planting yet in May and early June, so please bear with us! Thank you for understanding. We’ll call you when your order is ready.
The Prairie Red Plum from a South Dakota nursery is an excellent choice for jam or jelly! They are about the same size as the American Plum and are easy to grow. Like most fruit trees, they like areas that are moderate to dry in moisture, with good drainage.

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